Message from your M.D. – Rehearsals 2016

Dear all
Thank you for making me so welcome. My start to 2016 hasn’t been a good one, as you know, but I feel my recovery gets stronger each week. Hopefully I will be out of plaster at least on the right wrist this Thursday, then can work on full recovery of the left.
The Music Team met on Thursday which was good for me to understand some of the good things you have in place already and some I know I can help and support you with.
I have done a physical and vocal warm up team rota. This may be a change from previous, but please can we acknowledge change.
I have also asked Helen and Jan to be the choreo leaders. They will work with me to see what works with the music. There will only ever be one of them out front on moves, but all I ask of the members is to support them with what they ask you to do. To that end, please can there not be any discussion on the risers regarding music unless you are a section leader and need to highlight something to me. I will be helping the vocal warmup team people each week to support them and grow into their role.
Next Tuesday will be busy as I need to listen to Sue, Mandy, Carole and Martha? so in the break I will need Janet M, Tina, Pushka, and Pauline H (if still away, then Gill W) so they can run things through in quartet style. Once auditions are passed, the membership will be told, the new member advised by letter and a certificate awarded the following week and their photo taken, and placed on website, if they are happy for this to happen.
Next Tuesday two previous members will be returning – Sue Lofthouse (bass) and Jean Beswarick (bass)… please make them very welcome!!
If ex members are returning and wish to rejoin, they are required to still pass through the audition process. If non-performing members want to return to full membership, then they will require to have a discussion with me. I am very approachable.
Next Tuesday we will work on:
Original Dixieland One Step

At Last

Rolling in the Deep

Holding out for a Hero
Please go through songs, listen to yourself and how you link words to each other. Remember where a word ends with a ‘t’ next word starts with a ‘t’ then you push the first one onto the second. I will always pick up on these things, so if you can try and master it yourself as a singer it will make my job easier.
We are currently working towards Nicky Salt session on 9 April and Bournemouth Music Festival on 18 June hoping to do two categories – will talk more about this in next few weeks once I’ve seen the syllabus.

Anyway keep working well and let’s make Tuesday a great session. ??
Cathy x

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