What are Members Of the Chorus committing to?


Wessex Harmony meets every Tuesday evening for normally 50 weeks of the year with usually a two week break at Christmas. In addition to this, extra section practices may be held and you will be informed by your section leader when and where they will take place. We also have visiting vocal coaches during the year. Prior to National Convention or at a show/concert additional rehearsals may take place on a Saturday or Sunday.

We recognise that no-one can attend every single scheduled rehearsal but you are urged to attend as many as possible and let your section leader or the Chairman know if you have to miss one.



Wessex Harmony regularly performs public engagements for a variety of functions. These bookings are not accepted unless a sufficient number of the chorus is able to attend and make a balanced chorus of acceptable size. You are encouraged to attend as many as you can. We are available to be booked and sing at Weddings, Masonic Lodges, Charity events, Gala evenings and celebrations throughout the year and at Christmas.



Wessex Harmony regularly competes in the National LABBS Chorus Contest held at the Annual Convention each year in late October. All chorus members are expected to be on stage for this contest and sometimes a preliminary round is held in April. The chorus also competes in local music festivals.



Regular monthly subscriptions are paid by Standing Order – please ask for current cost.

This includes your membership of LABBS, cost of hiring the rehearsal room, purchase of music, stage costumes eat. Your first annual subsection to LABBS is payable in advance on becoming a full member. Subsequent subscriptions to LABBS are made from your chorus subscription. The biggest additional cost will normally be attendance at the LABBS Annual Convention, which is held over a weekend (Friday to Sunday). Although the chorus usually pays for coach travel to these events, members are responsible for paying their hotel accommodation, registration fee and other outgoings.

If you are interested in joining our chorus we practise here