Ruth Vellacott has been appointed our Musical Director in July 2017. Here is a bit about her background:
When did you join Wessex Harmony and why?
Finding myself with spare time for the first time in years, and desperately wanting to return to musical activities, I was looking for choirs when I came across Wessex Harmony. Hearing them sing for the first time was amazing and I knew it was something I wanted to be part of.  So I joined in September 2015 and within 6 weeks was standing on stage singing with them at the Convention!
What do you like about singing with Wessex Harmony?
The sound of others singing around you and your voice blending with theirs is pure joy.  Knowing that you are part of a bigger sound and taking responsibility for your part of that is incredibly rewarding.  Not to mention the companionship…..and cake!
What is your musical background?
My childhood was all music.  I started learning the piano aged 4 and continued, passing my grade 8 piano exam aged 17. I started clarinet aged 12 and passed grade 8 in that aged 16 and earning a place in the Essex Youth Orchestra at the same age. I was part of a clarinet quintet playing for weddings and functions, and I performed clarinet duets at local shows. I have always sung, in school choirs mostly, but also for a time in a band.  Since my school days, I have kept up with my music as an amateur, playing clarinet in school orchestras and singing in bands.  Wessex Harmony is taking me in a new and very exciting direction in my life!
What was your personal highlight while singing with Wessex Harmony so far?
On stage at Convention, this year with the larger Spirit of the South chorus was the most amazing feeling and probably the first time I’ve enjoyed the performance rather than just feeling nervous.
What would you like to tell ladies who are interested in joining?
Give it a go.  You will learn an enormous amount, have a great deal of fun, and get a sense of satisfaction that can’t be achieved in any other way.  When we sing together in harmony, it becomes a somewhat spiritual experience that you will want more and more of!