Join us

We are an amateur choir aiming to perform as professionals, therefore a certain dedication is required, a willingness to learn and to attend the majority of weekly rehearsals which run continuously throughout the year.

Your first visit to us is free and subsequent visits will be £3 per week until you pass your audition when you will become a member. Don’t worry, the audition is not as daunting as it sounds. Just a huddle in a corner with the music team and a short song that you’ll be given plenty of time and help to practice. Each member pays a subscription currently £30 per calendar month and we’ll ask you for a contribution for the first year only towards Association membership. This covers insurance, membership to LABBS, music and learning materials, costume, venue hire and specialist coaching. The additional cost to members is usually two nights’ hotel accommodation and a registration fee once a year when we compete at the LABBS national convention in October.

Please feel free to come along any Tuesday evening at 7.30pm or give us a call if you have any questions.