There are two parts to the audition:

    1. When you are confident you know the audition song, which usually takes about 6 weeks, you will need to sing your part in a quartet with three experienced members of the chorus. Your section leader will also be there. This will be carried out in private and not in front of the chorus. The audition is really not as scary as it sounds. Your section leader will sing the song with you to start you off and will back off to listen how you sing your part. Go for it when you’re ready! If you pass, the chorus will assign you a “buddy” within your section to ensure that you have sufficient support to help you on becoming a Wessex Harmony member.

    2. We sing our songs without music and stage presence is important to keep the audience entertained. The Presentation team will assess you on your moves before your first sing out. This will be carried out within the chorus and both help and advise will be given.