When you arrive at the Ocean Academy Poole, approximately 25 other women will be happy to greet you at the door and welcome you in! 

Ask for Sue Harris, our Membership Secretary, who will take your contact details. Your first visit will be free of charge. For any subsequent visit we will ask for a £3.00 fee until you passed your audition.

Our Music Librarian will give you a folder of music so that you can follow the songs as we sing them. 

You will be invited to join the physical and vocal warm-ups so that you can become accustomed to the way we work and start building some relationships within the chorus.

You are also invited to stand with us when we sing. To hear the songs surrounded by the chorus is goose-bumps inducing. However, you will need to stand on the floor in front – not on the risers – for insurance reasons.

We are looking forward to meeting you!